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El Nido

Madrid, Spain

Project Type: Individual

Designer: Stefany Orozco


During the span of 6 weeks, we were asked to analyze the existing conditions of a site near Madrid in Spain. After analyzing the site, we were asked to design a sociocultural center for the area that would connect to the surrounding environment while also bettering the surrounding community through it’s program. After this, we had a remaining 3 weeks to design our program and complete the building we had envisioned.

After a few water color vision sketches of what the space could feel like, I came up with the idea of creating 4 individual buildings containing the necessary program elements all completely covered by a round super roof structure supported by the four buildings and additional wood posts.



LOGISTICS. The site is currently zoned for a sociocultural center which provided a great start for the project. The current lot is completely empty and the larger site near the river is planned to be a soccer stadium and equestrian center.

CLIMATE. Madrid Spain has very harsh and dry summers which make it very difficult for locals to be comfortable when outdoors when no shade is present. The Rio de Manzanares which is located on the North-Eastern end of the site, provides great opportunity for recreation.

PEOPLE. The closest neighborhood near the site contains and elementary school as well as a few lower income housing. This project is important for this area as it is expected to be a resource and asset for the surrounding neighborhoods.

Animal Habitat FINAL-12.jpg


For the site, I wanted to incorporate the existing landscape as much as possible. The circular pockets on the plan highlight different nodes where patrons are able to enjoy the area without disturbing the existing landscapes. As for the building, after figuring out the massing, I analyzed the site using various tools on rhino such as grasshopper and ladybug. After reviewing my

findings, it became clear that the roof needed to be protected and if indoor outdoor activities were to take place, a super roof would be needed to shield the people and the building from the harsh summer sun.

Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 1.05.34 PM.png


Screen Shot 2022-07-20 at 1.05.42 PM.png


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